Smash Pool is a free-for-all local co-op game, where the white ball MUST NOT stop.


Sinking a ball is worth 1 point, except for the purple one. If you sink the purple ball at any time other than in the last phase, it's -3 points. If the white ball stops moving, your turn is over. Same if the white ball sinks, in which case the next player gets to throw it on the table.


The game ends when someone sinks the black ball in the final phase. The player with the most points wins.


Aim with your mouse, hold left-click to power up your shot and slow down time and release to shoot.

If you want to cancel your shoot press right-click.

ESC to pause.

The first version of the game was developed in 42 hours as part of Create Jam Fall 2022.

The current version was updated two weeks after to make it more playable and fun.


Smash Pool 30 MB
Smash Pool 29 MB
Smash Pool 39 MB

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